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Czech for Life


Alena Nekovářová, the director of the Asset Educational centre in České Budějovice, has produced a conversational handbook designed for all intermediate to advanced students of Czech. It is for students already learning Czech who would like to perfect their speaking and sound like a native Czech.

Czech for Life presents language material which is here to fill the long awaited gap in the market for more advanced students. It teaches students to speak flawlessly about 15 topics concerning normal situations in everyday life. At the beginning of each chapter there are a set of opening questions which correspond to the topic and the following text. The questions that go with the text check that the student understands it and tests their ability to express themselves individually. The grammar exercises allow the student to practise and to secure the target grammar in their minds. The subsequent page, which is enriched with coloured photographs and illustrations, guides the students to speaking independently. The listening activities (found on the enclosed CDs) help the student to remember newly acquired phrases. The authenticity of the language is reached by using normal spoken language, including colloquialisms. The textbook includes a key with the correct answers, transcripts, a concise overview of Czech grammar and within the frame of each chapter there is a drilling exercise and vocabulary with an English and a German translation.



  • Taková normální rodina
  • Jezte a pijte! Dobrou chuť
  • Jdeme nakupovat
  • Ukažte mi, prosím, cestu!
  • Autem nebo letadlem?
  • Jedeme na dovolenou
  • Od jara do zimy
  • Jak ten čas letí
  • Co s načatým večerem?
  • Všechno nejlepší!
  • U doktora. Další, prosím…
  • Vlastní střecha nad hlavou
  • Móda a lidé kolem nás
  • Moje práce mě baví
  • Česká republika známá i neznámá

You can order this book on the address: assetcb@seznam.cz


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