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České Budějovice (Budweis) is a historical city. This town was founded by the Czech king Premysl Otakar II. in 1265. The oldest historical building is the Dominikansky Monastery. The town´s dominant is the Black Tower (72 m) with the Cathedral. The central square is surrounded by old-time houses with arcades. The Samson's Fountain (1720) in the middle of the square is the special attraction. The most important building is the old town hall which was rebuilt in Baroque style.

The town České Budějovice is ideal for learning of a foreign language. There are beautiful cinemas, interesting museums and theaters, a university, many libraries, an observatory and a planetarium. In cosy pubs and restaurants you can enjoy the typical Bohemian food and good beer. After a good snack you can stay and relax in the spacious parks of this beautiful city. České Budějovice is located in the middle of hundreds of ponds and is surrounded by wonderful forests. So you can spend your free time in the country. There are many opportunities in the area Lipno - aquapark, skiing or cycling, sailing and much more. The Bohemian Forest is a wonderful area for small mountain tours and hikes.

Not far from České Budějovice are other important historical cities such as Hluboká nad Vltavou, Český Krumlov, Tábor, Třeboň or Nové Hrady, which are visited by hundreds of tourists from all over the world.

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Budweis - Black Tower, Historical Village Holašovice on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites,

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