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ASSET Č.Budějovice Language courses





Language courses in České Budějovice


Standard Course 20
20 hours per week, we offer these courses year-round for all levels. The duration of courses you can set yourself.
Intensive Course 25
25 hours per week
Intensive Course 30
30 hours per week , very intensive form of teaching
Intensive Course40
40 hours per week, lessons at the weekend

Test CCE (Exam Preparation Course)

This course is recommended for all foreigners who want to pass an exam in Czech.
Business Czech
20 hours per week, for foreign businnessmen and managers who cooperate with Czech companies or who work for a long or short period of time in the Czech Republic.
One-on-one Course
One-on-one Courses are very intensive and guarantee quick succsess.The content of the course is tailored to the needs of students. Terms based on agreement, individual study plan
Weekend Course 15

15 hours. Beginning every Friday afternoon, ending on Sunday, Friday: 15.00 - 18.00, Saturday: 9.00 -12.00, 13.00 - 14.30, Sunday: 9.00 to 12.45

Weekend Course 10

10 hours. Beginning on Saturday, ending on Sunday. Saturday: 9.00 -12.45, Sunday: 9.00 - 12.45

Evening Course
1x per week, 2 hours, There are suitable for foreigners who live or work in České Budějovice and surrounding areas
E-mail Course
For all students who are busy. You can study at home, we'll send lessons to your e-mail address.
Free -Grammar - Internet - Course
.On our website Czech for Life you will find tests and exercises, which are free.

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